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HOKKAIDO LAKE AKAN –Anytime Ainutime: A “forest and lakeside walking tour” guided by the indigenous people of Japan

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The indigenous people called the Ainu live in many parts of Japan, including Hokkaido. Among them, Ainu people who have built and lives in a village called Kotan by Lake Akan give a “forest and lakeside walking tour.” Walking through the woods listening to the Ainu guide who tells oral traditions about forests and how trees and plants relate to our daily life… It is a journey that makes us aware of how the Ainu have respect for nature and appreciate nature’s bounty. And after passing through a deep forest and walking a little way, what awaits us ahead is the beautiful scenery of Mt. Oakan, one of the one hundred celebrated mountains of Japan. The tour also presents the Ainu culture, including their dances, crafts, and prayer ceremonies.

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