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[AICHI] Arimatsu Blue Magic “Shibori (tie-dyeing)”

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Arimatsu is a town recognized as a Japan Heritage Site. The town is known for “Arimatsu Shibori (tie-dyeing),” a traditional craft with a history going back over 400 years. Arimatsu—which flourished as a traditional shibori production area during the 17th century—is also known as the “town where indigo dye flutters in the wind.” Arimatsu offers “festivals,” “opportunities to interact with craftsmen,” and “shibori experiences,” all of which enable visitors to find out what makes “Arimatsu shibori” so appealing.

Check out the video to discover the beautiful, natural, and mysterious power of the town’s indigo blue. We are sure it will also make you want to visit Arimatsu, which is located in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture in Japan.

Arimatsu-Narumi Tie-Dyeing Museum (English website)