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[AKITA] Matagi mountain hunters and protectors – A trip to be one with nature

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Take a trip to be one with nature and learn about the Matagi mountain hunters and protectors. Feel the Matagi spirit of coexistence with the mountains and nature, which also aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and get up close with local resources including the Akita dog breed, which has its origin in the Matagi.

The Matagi people live in the mountains and hunt in groups as a way of life. Their reverence for the mountains and unique rituals set apart the Matagi from general hunters.

“The Matagi do not say they have hunted down or captured a bear. To these hunters, the bear is a gift they have received from the mountain gods.”

“The Matagi are hunters that call the mountains their permanent home. So they do not hunt everything in their area, as they are conscious about leaving resources for the next generation.”

These comments are from Matagi hunter Hideyuki Oriyama, who runs his own guest house where he guides visitors about the Matagi culture.

The Akita dog breed, also well known worldwide, has its roots in the hunting dog that was a faithful companion of the Matagi.When people enter the mountains, they bring seeds and create paths where small animals can come and go, supporting the cycle of life.

Take a trip to be one with nature together with the Matagi, who live in harmony with the mountains of Akita. Are you ready for a truly enriching experience in body and mind?

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