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[EHIME] Ozu City epitomizes what makes Japan great and is currently popular around the world!

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Ozu City—which is located in Southwestern Shikoku, Japan—is currently drawing attention from around the world.

Ozu City was recently rated the number 1 city in the world in the Culture & Tradition category of the Green Destinations Story Awards. The city offers a full range of sensory delights, including Japan’s history, lifestyle, and various blessings of nature.

Ozu City utilizes its historical resources for community building purposes, and the city is dotted with appealing, distinctively Japanese spots. These include the Ozu Castle Stay—the only experience of its kind available in Japan—Garyu Sanso, which stands on the bank of the Hiji River, and Yanetsukibashi(covered bridges) and other historical structures that represent the extensive knowledge of ancestral Japanese people. The area is also home to the Hijikawa Arashi (storm), a magnificent winter natural phenomenon.

Here, we introduce some of the things that make Ozu City, a place where you can enjoy a wealth of experiences sure to live on in your memory, so appealing.

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