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HIROSHIMA – Globally acclaimed Hiroshima oysters

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In 2022, oysters produced in Hiroshima earned EU HACCP certification, an international food hygiene control standard. Finally, local oyster farmers will begin exporting their oysters to the huge EU market of 500 million consumers.

From Dutch distributors with sales channels across a wide area of Europe to amazing chefs in France, food professionals from different genres now focus their attention on Hiroshima oysters.
The biggest feature of the oysters is their thickness. The secret lies in the Seto Inland Sea, which was selected as one of the top destinations to visit by the New York Times magazine. Dotted with many islands, the Seto Inland Sea receives river water containing rich nutrients from mountains, which help to grow the oysters. Hiroshima oysters are good when eaten raw and when fried and cooked as well. Even when cooked, they retain the same taste and size, which gives them a strong advantage.

Hiroshima oysters are expected to be distributed to the world beyond Europe in the future.

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