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[HOKKAIDO] The 4 elements – The town where people live together with mountains –

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Higashikawa Town embraces Asahidake of the Daisetsu Mountain Range which has the highest peak in Hokkaido. It receives benefits from these mountains, and produces all four of the elements necessary for people to live, namely “water,” “earth,” “air,” and “fire.” This program will provide an unstinting description of the attractive features of Higashikawa Town, which exudes a wealth of charm points, such as the breathtaking autumn colours on Asahidake, powder snow which mesmerizes back-country skiers, food whose flavor is enhanced by using delicious melted snow water, and hot springs in the midst of beautiful scenery. The program will also include an introduction to different cultures in Higashikawa Town, mainly through Ainu ceremonies.

Higashikawa Tourism Association “Spectacular view! Higashikawa -Enjoy Higashikawa with videos- ” Higashikawa Tourism Association Tourism pamphlet “Discover Higashikawa”