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[HYOGO] Priceless moments! Staying like living in beautiful village of Japan

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Tambasasayama city

Just one hour from city of Osaka and Kyoto.

Here you can experience the priceless moments of

Japan’s original scenery.


A town full of history and tradition

In a castle town with a history of over 400 years, historic Japanese houses are spread throughout the city. Walk around town wearing a traditional Japanese outfit kimono and stay in a Japanese house which was built over 100 years.

There are also many shrines and temples such as the photogenic Makekirai Inari.

You can experience the scenery of old Japanese life stlye.


A town surrounded by amazing food and nature

Surrounded by beautiful nature, Tambasasayama city is famous for its sea of ​​clouds.

You could also enjoy the beauty of four seasons through cycling,

hiking, and walking through out the city.

The food is amazing. Vegetables such as black soybeans and Tamba chestnuts are fresh and delicious. The highest quality of Wagyu beef “Tajima Beef” is one of the Tambasasayama’s brand.


A town of Japan Heritage

The Dekansho Festival, a traditional summer festival was selected as Japan’s first Heritage Site. There are many buildings designated as Japanese cultural properties, such as Tamba-yaki kilns, castles, and old Japanese residences.

Come to Tambasasayama and experience the priceless moments of original scenery of Japan.

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