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KAGAWA – Gastronomic Island Shodoshima

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Shodoshima is an island in the Seto Inland Sea that has thrived as a marine transportation crossroads since long ago. It has its own unique culture and history. Many people come here for an Ohenro pilgrimage visiting 88 temples on the island. Good-quality stones produced here have been used widely, including for the stone walls of Osaka Castle. The food sector maintains traditional production methods, including 150-year-old wooden buckets that have been used to produce soy sauce even today. Another famous product is olive oil, which was introduced to Japan 110 years ago and now accounts for most of the domestic production.

The closed environment characteristic of an island has necessitated the “use of materials on the island to the full extent.” Olive branches and leaves, which are cut down every year in large amounts, are processed into feed and fertilizer and used effectively in most cases. Materials turning into pig feed include lees of the local specialty soy sauce, vegetable waste from hotels, and citrus fruits growing in abandoned crop fields.

The tour we offer this time includes top-class Japanese and Italian dishes made only with pork, soy sauce, olive and other ingredients produced on the island, which you can enjoy with a great view outside.

Shodoshima is also known for the Kankakei gorge, the Angel Road, the Twenty Four Eyes Movie Studio and many other places of scenic beauty, which keep fascinating visitors.

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