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[AOMORI] Kuroishi – A city that is learning from the past, for the future~Hot springs, Tradition, and Japanese cuisine~

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After passing through Nakamachi Komise-dori, a charming arcade-style street with an Edo-period atmosphere – I arrived at the artisanal restaurant Kurayoshi, where I feasted on a meal of creatively-prepared sushi that even vegans can enjoy. My next stop was a Kokeshi (wooden folkcraft dolls) workshop, where I decorated my own Rubin-style Kokeshi doll. Then it was time for a soak in the Nuruyu Hot Springs, one of the many in the Kuroishi Hot Springs Village that boasts over 400 years of history. I felt refreshed and ready to try sharpening my only-one-in-the-world pair of Tsugaru-nuri lacquered chopsticks. Dinner was a shabu-shabu hot pot and a vegan meal at Tabi-no-Yado Saikawa in the Itadome Hot Springs Village. My final destination was Lamp-no-Yado Aoni Onsen, where I left behind the bustling city and enjoyed a serene soak in this hidden hot springs lit by lamps.

Trying Tsugaru-nuri lacquering and decorating a new design of Kokeshi dolls are great ways to experience the traditional culture of the old-town Tsugaru. Take a trip to Kuroishi City and enjoy a culture that preserves the traditions while also welcoming new ideas, such as the diversity of vegan-friendly Japanese food featuring local ingredients.

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