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Lasting Aroma 茶知道答案

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The film depicts the tranquil haven of Wuyi Mt. Tea Garden. The story follows Liu Zheng, who searches for new varieties of tea in Wuyi Mountains. He seeks to preserve the diverse aromas of tea by cultivating rare species, as the region is dominated by popular but overgrown varieties like cinnamon and narcissus. Liu’s journey reflects his curiosity, reverence for nature, and commitment to preserving traditional techniques. He collaborates with his father, Liu Feng, an heir to the art of producing tea. Together, they nurture unique strains, showcasing their respect for nature and the process. The narrative interweaves Liu’s endeavors, from locating the perfect leaves to meticulously crafting the tea, capturing his dedication to producing extraordinary flavors. The film highlights the challenges of innovation and tradition, encapsulating the essence of a timeless heritage within the breath-taking landscapes of the Wuyi Mountains.

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