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[MIYAZAKI] Be healed by the ordinary and extraordinary at Takachiho – a mysterious mountain town steeped in Japanese mythology and blessed with exquisite nature

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Takachiho is the home of Japanese mythology. This mysterious town is steeped in mythology, as a place where modern life blends with the tales of the Gods. In this video, we seek the ordinary encounters and experiences, which can also be called extraordinary, through the eyes of the traveller. Takachiho is blessed with abundant nature, which has earned it certification as a UNESCO Eco Park and registration in the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) programme. The town is alive with history and culture through its shrines and sea of clouds, and in the tales told by kagura traditional Shinto music and dancing. Takachiho’s charms are conveyed by captivating and contrasting images of light and dark, stillness and action – all centering on the beauty of nature in its various forms. The serene scenery of Takachiho will invite viewers on a journey of mysterious experiences, and etch a new epic tale in their hearts and minds.

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