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MT. FUJI, SHIZUOKA – Tracing the journey of water from the eastern foot of Mt. Fuji: The secret to producing the finest wasabi

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A precious plant is produced at the eastern foot of Mt. Fuji, the symbol of Japan. It is wasabi, an essential seasoning in Japanese cuisine. Among different varieties of wasabi, Gotemba wasabi is said to be the finest. Why does such a special wasabi grow here? The secret lies in the water of Mt. Fuji.

We climbed up Mt. Fuji in search for the miraculous water. To our surprise, there are no rivers here. Where is all the water?

Trekking through the vast wilderness of Mt. Fuji, tasting Japanese beef with Gotemba wasabi at a restaurant, and taking a hot spring bath at a unique hotel adjacent to a motor racetrack… Join us on this journey to trace the miraculous water.


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