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[NAGANO] Sarah Àlainn walks the Salt Road – Charms of the undiscovered Hakuba Valley

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Australian Sarah Àlainn sets off on a journey to discover the charms of Hakuba Valley outside of the winter season. Walking along the Shio-no-Michi (Salt Road), she showcases its nature, food and culture. Located in the Hakuba Valley is the Shio-no-Michi (Salt Road), which was used to carry salt from the Japan Sea to inland areas. You can feel the history and culture of Japan along this ancient trail. Just a short distance from the Salt Road is a row of 3,000 meter-high mountains, where you’ll find some Japan’s premier mountain resorts nestled in lush natural surroundings. The people living there are also closely connected with the mountain culture as a way of life. The abundance of powder snow attracts over 100,000 visitors from Australia to Hakuba Valley each year, although most come in the winter season and so they do not know the area’s appeal in the summer. This mini-movie showcases the seasonal appeal of Hakuba Valley in Nagano Prefecture, so as to encourage people who visit there in the winter to return in the summer. Australian Sarah Àlainn walks along the Shio-no-Michi (Salt Road) and introduces its many charms including the old post towns, autumn leaves at ancient temples, nutritious and delicious dishes, and encounters with the locals living there.

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