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[NIIGATA] Murakami City, the City of Salmon

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Murakami City, which is also called the “City of Salmon,” has been connected with salmon for more than a thousand years.

The city’s salmon-based history goes all the way back to the Heian period, when residents of the area presented salmon to the Imperial Court, and, during the Edo period, the residents were the world’s first people to succeed in naturally hatching and breeding salmon, a key financial resource for the Murakami Domain. Naturally, the locals continue to cherish salmon to this day, and the area’s unique salmon-based culture remains evident, including various words and expressions that use salmon as well as over 100 kinds of salmon cuisine.

The video contents introduce how the people of Murakami have protected, been nurtured by, and coexisted with salmon as well as the area’s distinctive food culture and the kinds of customs, history, and townscapes visitors can expect to experience.

Murakami City Tourism Information Center (sake3) [YouTube] City Murakami Channel 新潟県村上市