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[OITA] Experience a Journey Through Space and Time that Goes Back a Thousand Years: Oita, Kunisaki Peninsula

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Kyushu lies in southwestern Japan. And it is the home of a site of romantic adventure with a storied thousand-year history. That site is the Kunisaki Peninsula in Oita Prefecture. The Kunisaki Peninsula is situated right at the intersection of the so-called “sea road” from both continental and Southeast Asia, so many goods and aspects of culture passed through the peninsula on their way to Kyoto, Nara, and other places. The peninsula is therefore a relay point of sorts for Japanese civilization and is an important location for experiencing the origins of Japan.

The teachings of Shinto—which is native to Japan—and Buddhism—which was introduced from Asia—have mixed over the years, and evidence of their coexistence can be seen throughout the peninsula. This area is also recognized as a United Nations Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS), and it is home to circular agriculture practices based on ancestral wisdom, shiitake mushrooms, beautiful tea ceremony charcoal that uses kunugi (sawtooth oak) trees, oysters, and a treasure trove of other marine and mountain-based foods. The breathtaking coastline is also ideal for cycling. The area is also the site of art created by modern artists from both within Japan and abroad—who were clearly inspired by the region’s rich history and natural abundance—and is continuing to evolve.

The Kunisaki Peninsula gives visitors the chance to encounter what truly makes Japan, which has long thrived alongside nature, so wonderful.

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