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[OKINAWA] Come find your true colours in ZAMAMI Island OKINAWA

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Zamami Village in Okinawa Prefecture boasts a precious subtropical natural ecosystem that has earned the area two Michelin Guide stars and is home to a unique race of maritime people with their own history and culture.

The colour of the surrounding sea, which is among the clearest on Earth, is referred to as Kerama Blue due to its breathtaking beauty, and the region is home to a wide range of precious animals and plants that include coral reefs, sea turtles, and Kerama deer. The native people—who coexist with the sea—have their own history and culture, and they are quick to welcome visitors with gentle smiles. Located just 40 kilometers from Naha, Zamami Village is enveloped by a vast sea of stars once night falls. Isolated from the busy modern world, Zamami Village is perfect for anyone hoping to enjoy some of the greatest natural marvels of the subtropics. We hope you will come experience adventure tourism in Zamami Island and find your true colours here.

Zamami Village Tourism Association Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting: Special Zamami Village Promotion Page