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Reborn land 回到土地

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The film is a compelling documentary that follows Chinese farmer Chen Pu on a transformative journey to save his land and address the devastating impacts of overusing chemical fertilizers. Once a renowned developer of these fertilizers, Chen Pu realizes the dire consequences and takes it upon himself to regenerate the soil. The film delves into pressing questions about the future of our planet and how soil quality directly impacts our survival. As Deqing County faces a crisis due to chlorosis disease affecting its famous mandarin oranges, Chen Pu’s efforts to revive the land are intertwined with the search for collaboration from global soil expert Sadhguru. Through ups and downs, conflicts, and revelations, Chen Pu’s dedication to ecological agriculture ultimately leads to success and a broader movement to save the soil. “Reborn Land” highlights the urgency of rescuing our soil and offers a hopeful roadmap for recovery.

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