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Takayama City is located in the center of Japan and has a beautiful townscape preserving its appearance from 400 years ago. The 3,000-meter-high Japan Alps mountain ranges stretch near the city, and the city is far away from the sea and snowbound during winter months. This setting has fostered a food culture of preserving food with salt.

Our guide is Tatsumasa Murasame, a Swedish man who fell in love with Japanese culture and became a naturalized Japanese citizen.

He visited Suzaki, a Japanese-style restaurant established in 1794. The food served there is based on a traditional style of Japanese cuisine called Sowaryu-Honzen. Looking at the Japanese garden here, guests can enjoy winter dishes to their hearts’ content.

Other features include the beautiful architectural style of the restaurant building and the proprietress who serves the table wearing a kimono.

Take a trip to Takayama to enjoy its beautiful townscape and food culture.

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