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The Dream Zoo 一座动物园的理想

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The film portrays the remarkable journey of Hongshan Zoo during a global recession, highlighting its efforts to improve animal welfare and modernize despite financial challenges.

Director Shen Zhijun’s 2020 online speech catapulted the zoo to fame, but 2022 proved to be its toughest year. Leveraging 5G technology, the zoo engaged a nationwide audience through live broadcasts.

Despite ongoing financial constraints, the zoo’s primary focus remains on animal welfare and creating natural habitats with minimal human interference. Director Shen emphasizes the zoo’s role as a bridge between humans and wildlife, advocating for equality and respect.

The release of roe deer and the work of the Wildlife Reception and Rescue Centre symbolize the zoo’s commitment to species conservation, scientific research, and public education. Collaborations with academia reshape the zoo’s mission, promoting harmony between humans and animals, with volunteers playing a crucial role in revolutionizing zoo culture and fostering environmental awareness.

Through this transformative journey, the film instills a deep appreciation for nature’s value and encourages harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife.

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